Rahayu Ningsih Hoed Spoke in the Technical Guidance Training Conducted by the Directorate General of Maritime Transportation of Indonesia

For Rahayu Ningsih Hoed, our Senior Partner, teaching is where her passion for the legal field and her love for learning come together in the most exhilarating way. Despite her busy schedule, she spends hundreds of hours every year, teaching, internally and externally. The knowledge and skills which she has accumulated through the many years of education and experience give her the kind of intuitive expertise and wisdom that few people in the field have. That is why so many organizations, including government institutions consistently invite her to speak and teach in their learning and training programs. 
For two consecutive years, Rahayu or ‘Yayuk’, has been invited to represent the Indonesian Advocate Association (PERADI) South Jakarta to speak in Technical Guidance Training on Cooperation Agreement Drafting developed by Port Operators. The trainings were initiated by the Directorate General of Maritime Transportation of Indonesia and attended by 60 representatives of port operator offices from all over Indonesia, comprising main port offices, navigation district offices, harbor port offices and port authorities as well as port management unit offices.
Yayuk delivered a presentation which covered the regulations on the drafting of cooperation agreements which are developed by port operators such as concession agreements and KSP BMN agreements. The procedure for drafting agreements and dissecting articles that are commonly disputed between the parties were also discussed during the session. Furthermore, she provided input regarding the organization of articles in an agreement and shared her experience in examining agreements and dealing with disputes over agreements.
The trainings were interactive in nature, allowing participants to actively participate in the learning process through simulations of the organization of articles in an agreement in which participants also received feedback on areas they needed to improve. Yayuk went further by rewarding the most active and well performing participants with gifts which she had personally prepared. It goes without saying that Yayuk aims to spread the habit and joy of learning to her audience and that she enthusiastically dedicates herself to teaching and sharing her knowledge every time she has the opportunity to do so. 
Our sincerest gratitude to the Directorate General of Maritime Transportation of Indonesia and PERADI South Jakarta for the collaboration.