M&T Provides Legal English Training at UNDIP Law


It is vital to learn and use legal English in Indonesia as English is used in more legal documents in the country, given the influx of foreign investments and foreign clients. On 8 September 2018, Alexandra Gerungan and Made Susanti went to the Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) campus in Semarang to hold a training on the “Significance of Legal English in the Professional World” which is an initiative of the Asian Law Students Association, UNDIP chapter.

Around 60 students learned the difference between legalese and plain English -- a timely topic considering recent movement to use more plain English than legalese to make it easier for a layman to understand legal documents. The participants also had a workshop on contract drafting, tackling common content in a contract, specific legal terms in contracts, and crucial contract clauses. Providing training sessions such as this is part of M&T’s mission to help produce top legal talents and reputable lawyers.

Alexandra Gerungan is a Partner at Makaraim & Taira S. frequent contributor to and a co-author of various reports, articles and publications on litigation, arbitration, alternate dispute resolution, environment matters, rule of law, compliance issues and labor law. Her articles have appeared internationally in Law Business Research, Global Legal Group and World Justice Project. Made Susanti is an Associate at Makarim & Taira S. and practices dispute resolution, employment, insolvency, and general corporate areas. She has worked extensively in matters involving arbitration proceedings, civil dispute, taxation and bankruptcy proceedings.